Control token supply

Token burning is a strategic mechanism to combat inflation, creating a sense of scarcity that can enhance a token's value over time. At the conclusion of our presale any unsold $RBLZ tokens will be intentionally burned. This deliberate act will lead to a significant reduction in the total token supply, driving our commitment to decentralisation.

Our choice to burn remaining tokens carries historical significance, drawing inspiration from the Gunpowder Plot, a historical event where Guy Fawkes and his associates attempted to blow up the houses of Parliament in London.

This symbolic link ties our token burning event to a spirit of rebellion against established authority and a desire for decentralisation. As the supply of $RBLZ tokens diminishes through this burning process, the remaining tokens naturally become scarcer.

This inherent scarcity has the potential to increase the tokens' intrinsic value, much like the historic scarcity of gunpowder barrels that marked the Gunpowder Plot's defiance.

Our token burning event is more than a mere ritual; it symbolises our unwavering commitment to ushering in a new era of decentralisation. We challenge the norm, celebrate unity within our community, and disrupt established authority.

Through this, we carve a unique path towards achieving our goal, where scarcity and value enhancement go hand in hand with our mission to redefine the cryptocurrency landscape.

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