A Dual-Token Economy $RBLZ/$RECQ


The Rebel Satoshi ecosystem is a resilient and sustainable multilevel economic model that is intended to grow in harmony with the community. Imagine $RBLZ as long-term investment GOLD and $RECQ as a base currency to support everyday transactions including purchases, fees and rewards.

The Rebel Satoshi OG Token, denoted as $RBLZ, is the heart and soul of the Rebel Satoshi ecosystem. As a community-driven meme coin, it embodies the spirit of rebellion, unity, and decentralisation. $RBLZ is designed to bring a new era to the crypto landscape, challenging centralised systems while celebrating the power of community.

$RBLZ is a badge of membership and embodies its mission through a spectrum of distinctive features, enriching the experience of its holders. Ownership of $RBLZ unlocks exclusive access to a vibrant array of community events that encompass virtual gatherings, interactive games, and collaborative ventures. By staking $RBLZ, community members actively contribute to the growth and stability of the ecosystem while reaping rewards that align with their dedication to decentralisation.

The everyday utility token $RECQ is to underpin all transactions, purchases, fees and rewards within the wider Rebel Satoshi universe. A growing ecosystem with many layers and sectors needs a token with enough supply to manage the everyday to support all transactions and interactions in the vast Rebel Satoshi universe, assuring liquidity, rewarding engagement, and encouraging growth.

$RBLZ and $RECQ compliment each other and are your keys to a revolutionary crypto experience, where resistance, unity, and decentralisation reign supreme. Join the movement, participate, buy merch, play the arcade games, collect NFTs and become a Recusant and a proud member of the Rebel Satoshi community, igniting change within the crypto world.

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